The Two Types Of Artists At The End Of The Dark Tower

And yet there is one crucial thing they have in common: they are both artists. They are working in completely different media—Patrick Danville is a prodigy with a pencil, while Dandelo performs stand-up comedy under the alias of Joe Collins—but they are both artists, each representing very different kinds of creative personalities.

Who Is The Crimson King?

Furth does a great job summarizing the backstory of the Crimson King and his role in the text, but what does that role represent in the subtext? In this story about storytelling, where does the Lord of Spiders fit into the metaphor?

Ka-Shume: TFW The End Is Nigh

I believe that King knew his readers would be feeling this way—he was almost certainly feeling it himself, knowing what he had to write next—and decided to address it directly, to give it a name in the high speech and share it with his characters as they share khef, so we wouldn’t have to feel it alone…

Stephen King’s Not-So-Fond Farewell To Randall Flagg

But is that end loose in the first place because King chose to cut it loose? What if he dismisses Flagg as a threat so casually because he was simply bored with his own villain?

Is The Dark Tower Movie Good Actually?: In Defense Of The Indefensible

Sure, it’s only the Epcot version of Mid-World, not nearly as rich and immersive as the “real” thing, but you know what? Sometimes you’re in the mood to actually travel around the world, and sometimes you’re in the mood to get hammered and ride “Its A Small World.”

The Craftiness of Stephen King’s Foreshadowing

The only thing Stephen King loves more than killing off his characters is telling you he’s about to kill off his characters. From Pet Sematary to It, he is the master of making his readers fall in love with a character, only to turn around and announce their imminent deaths…