Stephen King’s Not-So-Fond Farewell To Randall Flagg

But is that end loose in the first place because King chose to cut it loose? What if he dismisses Flagg as a threat so casually because he was simply bored with his own villain?

The End of the Beginning & the Beginning of the End

The Dark Tower series, especially this week’s pages, show us that no story ever ends without another one beginning, and nothing new can start without the end of what came before it…

Who’s Your Daddy?: The Absent Fathers of the Stephen King Universe

In King’s very first novel, Carrie White was raised by a single mother. Now, forty-seven years later, he’s still writing about fatherless kids in Later…

Stephen King’s Bad Case Of Survivor’s Guilt

The Wind Through The Keyhole is not just a story about Roland being absolved for what he did to his mother; it’s about Stephen King absolving himself for what he did to his characters…

The Unofficial (and Unfinished) Dark Tower Board Game

My goal here was to come up with a play-testable prototype that I could then bring to someone who actually knew what they were doing, and ask for their help perfecting it. Here’s what I ended up with.